its been ages!!

I know its been a long long time since I have actually posted anything worth while but I promise soon I will post something. I have just been sooooo busy with school work and everything, I've been ill the past few days too.

A quick shoutout to Olivia who won my free give away!! I am so sorry I still haven't sent it to you but not only have I been ill but my mam too so I promise you its coming!! Its all packed up with your address and everything on it so I'm really sorry about that! please forgive me *pouts* 

Another thing is that I have put in an application with "future8" and its been approved so just waiting to see if I win! Fingers crossed!!

I know I said about starting a art journal but I think thats going to have to wait. I barely have enough time to do my blog so I don't think I will be starting that any time soon :(

But its Friday nowwwww whooh! So I will try and post today once I've got some of this english out that way!

Have a good weekend 
Much love
Niamh xoxo
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