Hi Guys

Hi Guys!
I'm backkk! i don't know if I will post tonight because I'm too lazy and its been a realllllly long day!

The wedding was amazing! My first wedding and it was turkish, I swear I'm marrying someone turkish! The weather was amazing but when there was about 500 of you sat in one room the weather in no longer amazing and becomes a pain in the arse! The bride looked stunning as well! I might do a polyvore of what I wore on the wedding.

If you are liking the "One Direction Preferences" then pleeeeaaaase please let me know because i am undecided weather to carry it on or not. Right well i hope everyone had a good weekend and I'm going to get a bath, wash my hair and have a nice early night ready for school tomorrow.

much love
niamh xoxo

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