The is just going to be a short post because i need to have my dinner before I go up to school. I have a kindle fire so I thought I would review a few books I've read and tell you a few of my favourite quotes from some of them.

I have just recently finished "Silence" by Natasha Preston and I'm currently reading the sequel to it, "Broken Silence" 
I loved this book, its about a girl who is round about my age, 15, who won't talk. Her parents want what is best for her and keep sending her to therapy where as her best friend doesn't care that she won't talk and still treats her the same. A lot of reviews on the kindle book store say that there is grammatical and spelling mistakes, in my opinion I couldn't really see them. My favourite quote from the book is "I'd heard people at school say they didn't care about being accepted, but that was just because they already were" The first book is free and when I got the two so was the second but I have just checked and the second is now £1.21 not a lot at all. Im not sure if you can get these books anywhere else. If you have an iPhone, iPad etc you can download the kindle app.

Im sorry I can't post any more but if you have any book suggestions please comment below.

much love

niamh xoxo
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