Where We Are Rehearsals

One Direction are currently rehearsing of their upcoming tour Where We Are. All week my Twitter feed has been full with tweets from fan stood outside their London studio tweeting what songs that can hear! I'm so excited! I can't wait till I'm seeing them!

The boys were finally reunited last month and for over the last fortnight they have been working through their harmonies, their "dance" routines, running through tracks and their stage positions. Wonder if its anything like last year!


They are supposed to be mixing up the set for this tour by singing some songs from the new album and some more of the well known tracks. Ive seen that fans so far have heard "Why Don't We Go There" "Rock Me" "Don't Forget Where You Belong"
While getting the track list from fan we have also been getting behind the scenes pictures from 1DHQ

Anyone going to their tour??

i ammmmm

leave a comment below if your going??

much love

niamh xoxo

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