MTV Movie Awards (Part Two)

HI guys! 
So here's part two of MTV Movie Awards I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday but I have an english essay to write now which I totally forgot about! Oops! So anyway I'm posting this late because I have physio this morning then came back and fell asleep, I've just woke up :3 So enough rambling and on with the post.

I loved Ellie Goulding's dress especially the little cut outs! Her light pink lip gloss goes perfect with the dress too, adds a bit of colour to her outfit. I love how its plain and simple yet looks so good on her. I love how it's quite summery too and the sandals just add even more of a summer feel.

On the other hand Zendaya went for a more bright look which look amazing on her skin tone. I love the flowers and the green panel along the bottom. I love her hair, the slit up the dress looks gorgeous too. 

I know I said that I was going to be doing other people but my heads splitting and I really should do some english work so I hope this is enough

much love

Niamh xoxo

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