MTV Movie Award

HI guys!
well I'm confused as to when the MTV Music Award happened but anyway I'm going to post about what some people where wearing. 

First off can we just stand and look at how flawless Nicki Minaj looked!

her black floor length dress was just so elegant and hugged her figure perfectly, her gold jewellery went perfect with the dress. I loved how her look was quite simple but still look flawless!
before i go onto the next person can we just take a minute to admire the gorgeousness of a shirtless Zac Effron

I bow down to you Rita!!

I mays well talk about Rita Ora because WOW!!

She also had a black dress on which was a bit more revealing that the one Nicki Minaj wore but she look gorgeous in it! Her red lipstick complimented it so well too! I love how her hair is done and frames her face perfectly, well one side :3 

I'm tiredddd and i know that this isn't really a long post and i haven't really post much these last few days apart form OOTD's but I'm still trying to get my textiles course work finished so I'm going to have an early night and hopefully have it all finished tomorrow and be back posting lots more post.
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much love 
niamh xoxo

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