Kesha On The Red Carpet

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So on Monday, 31st March, Kesha was seen on the red carpet looking as stunning as ever in a glittery black floor length dress.
Monday was Kesha's first red carpet appearance since she had been in rehab for two months to treat an eating disorder in which she attend the Humane Society of the United States' 60th anniversary gala.

The pop singer has also taken the signature dollar sign from her name, also getting rid of all the negative things surrounding her before she decided to seek treatment in rehab. 

In January Kesha's mother had said that her daughter's condition was that doctors had said she was lucky to be alive. 

Just like Demi Lovato Kesha is an amazing role middle for teens or anyone going through an eating disorder or even just a hard time. Demi and Kesha help teens to see that things ca get better and there is always help to be found or ways with dealing with hard times.

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