Hi guys! Quick post of a few pictures from today. My backs killing so I'm just doing this on my phone 
Today's clothes, my olly murs top from his concert and just leggings nothing too much. Just simple. I didn't do much homework because my little cousin came and we done some drawing 
Love her to bits! Also I have no idea how to do this maths so I guess I'll have to wait till I'm back at school to see how I do it and hopefully I won't of fell too far behind. 
So yeah I've done some more reading today too! Nearly finished it's kind of a funny story - Ned Vizzini after I have finished it I'm going to read my favourite book that I haven't read in a while Sean Grisworld's head - Lindsey Leavitt. If you haven't read it or even heard of it I suggest you have a look at it, it's amazing I'm going to put a picture of the blurb so you have an idea of what it's about. 
I know I haven't posted anything fashion today but I will try and post something a bit later anyway I'm sooooo tired! I didn't sleep much last night :(

Much love 

Niamh xoxo

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