Teen Queen Uk

Hi guys!
i know i haven't updated in a few days but that's because I've been practising my french exam. this is just a quick post before i get back to practising.

recently I've been watching "toddlers and tiaras" on TLC
i love it! 

Out of curiosity i googled of there was any patents in the UK and i found this
it is a competition, it is simple and easy to enter too, and free. heres the link
all you do is fill of the application online
and then they will e-mail you something to fill out and post to them, a lot of the girls on the website said that it boosted their confidence and it helped them come along way in modelling. As well as pictures from the previous years and comments from the girls themselves there is also tip and advice on how to keep your skin healthy. 

anyway I'm off to finish revising, my exam is tomorrow.

much love

niamh xoxo

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