Tumblr Randoms Againn

Hi guys! i haven't done a tumblr random in quite a while so i though why not, so here goes.

i love this dress, although its n black and white, i love the pattern and the cuffs which also matches the bottom, its a nice length too. Its not too short nor too long.

I absolutely adore Ariana Grande! i love her hair like this! its so cute! Also i really like this top too, i love the way it ties at the top.

Im in love with this bag! i love how it has a long strap as well as a short strap, its big too and i love a big bag :3

i really like this dress, i like how the lace carries on down and just doesn't stop where the grayish colour comes in.

i really love this top! i can't get enough of tops that have writing on them, i find them so cute!! maybe i will do a post on different t-shirts, or just post it on my polyvore so keep your eye out!

this hair style is messy yet looks so cute! god i use cute so much :3

I'm going to start and update my polyvore on the t-shirts so keep looking 

much love

niamh xoxo

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