Red Carpet Dresses

Hi guys! Here's another post today! I'm going to put together a post about different dresses that celebrities wear on the red carpet, i hope you like it. Feedback if welcome and also if you could it would mean a lot if you could recommend it to friends or family, thank you. Anyway on with the post.

first off is Emily Osment

I don't know if i like this dress, its strange but i think it looks sooooo good on her, i don't know how old this picture id or how recent but i really like the detail on the shoulder, i think its so pretty although it would look even better if it wasn't as big and in your face, maybe? 

Amy Adams

wow! This dress! its amazing and is going to draw attention to you, not only is it big but it is very elegant and i think that her skin tone goes well with the colour, i really like the train on it too. 

Anna Kendrick

i love Anna Kendrick soooo much! i think she is beautiful! Just give me her figure and gorgeous face anyway! this dress is gorgeous! I'm not a big fan of black dresses but this dress just suits her so well and is just so pretty! 

i know that this post isn't much but i suppose i should get back to my "date" i hope that this puts you up if i don't post tomorrow!

much loveeee

niamh xoxo
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