Prom Dresses

Hi guys, this is just a quick post! i am not going to prom this year but I'm guessing some of you will be so i am just going to post a few dresses and just comment on them really, i haven't looked at prom dress websites i have just looked on tumblr and we heart it, thought that it would give you an idea of what is out there because i really want to post something before i have to go with my mam.

I love this dress! it is just so elegant and the detail on the top half is gorgeous! I also love how the back is low too.

I'm not a fan of a short dress for prom but i really love the lace on the top of this one! looking at dresses makes me so excited for my prom!

Once again i don't like the sort dress but i love how its on one shoulder and i like how it has sequins on it they aren't too much.

Well I've had to come and get in the car half way through my post so I'm finishing this on my phone, I'm sorry if the format changes half way through 

I love the flowers in this dress! They are so pretty and go well because prom is usually in the summer/spring. I don't know if I do or don't like the colour of this but I think that the style is really pretty 

I really like the big strip of ribbon in the dress, I also like the colour, I prefer floor length dressed because I think they look more classy than a short dress, although I think some short dresses can be so cute I personally wouldn't wear one. 

I really like this dress an find it so cute. I especially like the colour and the waist band.

Anyway I hope you like this post. I will try and post another OOTD today, but that's only a maybe. Thankyou for reading my blog

Much love

Niamh xoxo

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