My Daily Hair Routine

HI guys! i thought i would do just a simple post of how i do my hair, i hope you like it.
first i wash and dry my hair using "Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends" shampoo and conditioner.
yup I'm in my PJ's :3
once my hair is towel dried i run some "Trevor Sorbi Beautifully Straightened" through my hair, this gives it a shine as well as heat protection
I loveeeee it!! these pictures are so bad! :3 :(
also while it is still damp i add some "Toni and Guy Volume Pumping Mousse" to my roots and rub it in using my fingers
oh my god my arm looks so awkward!!
now its time to blow dryyyy whoohh!! 
Once my hair is fully dry i brush it through and let it fall into my natural place
excuse the posters and awkward smile :3333
i use my Mark Hill Wave Wand to add some waves! 
It gets sooooo hot! I've burnt myself like a billion times!
theres the awkward smile back :3
anyway, when I'm waving my hair i don't section it off and make sure i every single piece if hair, i like to do it messily just so it gives that bit off texture. Once I've finished i sometimes add some "got2b Beach Matt" this just gives it a little bit more texture.
I always add hairspray. I use any hairspray really, I'm not fussy.

i hope you like this post, it took a while for me to get the confidence to post a picture of me so yeah :3

much love
niamh xox

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