Im Going To A Wedding (part two)

Hi guys! I've done some more coursework so I'm going to post some more about what i want to wear for the wedding.

I'm not sure about this dress, i don't have the best figure for a tight dress and it looks really short too.

i know that this isn't for a wedding but i really like this dress so i thought that i would just put it in, i won't be wearing this for the wedding though.

I'm IN LOVE with this dress! its so pretty and doesn't look too short either. But i don't know if i want to wear black for a wedding?

I put a lot more effort into this one, i do really like this dress too but I'm really not sure if all these dresses are right for a wedding.

it would mean a lot if you could let me know?

much love 

niamh xoxo

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