Another Tumblr Randoms

Hi guys! I thought that i would do another 'tumblr randoms' because the last time i done one it went down really well and i got quite a few views on that particular post so here goes.

I love this picture, I don't know who it is nor do I know if they are famous. i really like they way you can see the braid under neath the hat, i have a hat similar to that and it didn't cost me much at all, it was only around £5 and it goes well with a lot of things, i think that it looks nice with a skater dress.

I really like jumpers and t-shirts that have little saying on them, I think that they look like you've put that bit more effort in rather than a plain t-shirt or a plain jumper, they also look nice with a cute necklace.
I know that flower crowns are more summery but i just can't help it! they look so cute and i love the way they sit on your head and stand out, although i think that some flower crowns are too big or over the top a nice plain and simple one will look perfect with shorts and  cute top in the summer.

I'm sorry that this post is short but i don't know what else to update, i hope you like it.


niamh xoxo

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