Zoella inspired look

As most of you know I really love Zoe Sugg/Zoella and the way she dresses so I thought that I would do a Zoella inspired look.

I love this summer look, its so pretty and would look so good on holiday to go for a meal. I know that Zoe on her blog has told you were everything is from but I'm just using the outfit as a guide and making it my own.

I'm sorry that the picture is so hard to see but this blazer is similar to Zoe's, its just not as fitted, New Look £28.

These trousers are also from New Look, I love that pattern and how the bottom of the legs are elasticated. New Look £18

This top would look best without a blazer and i just LOVE the collar on it, I'm really loving New Look today! New Look £13.

Another New Look top, this would look nice under the blazer and with out the blazer, it is also loose fitting like the one Zoe is wearing in the picture at the top. New Look £8

I am also going to be putting two different sandals because I know that I don't really like wearing sandals that are a toe poke. These are very similar to Zoe's sandals. New Look £13

I hope you like this summery look even though summer is agesssss away :(

Thankyou for reading 

niamh xoxo

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