we heart it inspiration

Well guys I am so so so sorry I haven't posted anything, I've got a really bad back and I'm not sleeping too good so I thought I mays well use my sleepless nights to post something onto my blog, also I think I'm going to change the design of my blog too.

I have Weheartit and I love looking at all the different outfits there is on there so I'm going to use it as inspiration.

I'm going to do this cute summer look.

I know this skirt is darker than the one in the picture but I just couldn't stop myself! I really love the buttons down the front. USC, £8 instead of £25.

This top will go well with the skirt because the graphics are so high up it can be tucked into the skirt.

These van will look so good with the skirt! They are also in the sale, whooh! vans.co.uk  for £30 instead of £60!!

Thankyou for reading

niamh xoxo

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