tumblr randoms!!

I'm am currently on Tumblr just flicking through my feed, feel free to follow me (tumblrrrr) my tumblr has nothing to do with my blog nor fashion really, but anyway I seen this picture of Selena Gomez

and wow I really love this top! I know its summery but its so pretty and looks so good with high waisted jeans! I'm not too sure on the colour of the jeans but I think Selena suits that colour. As well the way she's finished the outfit off with a big bag and loop earrings is so pretty!!

This picture of Kourtney Kardashian is also summery but this bag is gorgeous!! Although the colour is different it could work for any season at all! Its huge too which is a big bonus!

Oh my god this dress that Olivia Palermo is wearing is so cute!! I absolutely love this pattern on it. Although I like the style and pattern I don't really like the colour, its a bit dull for me, though Olivia really suits this colour and has brightened it up with some bought nail varnish/polish.

Paris Hilton's legs look great in tights and a short skirt, they make her legs look even longer! the heals make the outfit more dressy and I would wear a cute patterned skirt with tights and flats for a more day time look.

I love Megan Fox's everyday outfit here! She looks so casual yet still a fashion icon! I love how she has a graphic t-shirt under her jacket rather than a plain one, it seems to break up the black.

Well guys, I think I'm going to try and sleep now, thank you for reading!

niamh xoxo

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