Lou Teasdale inspired outfit

I don't know if many or most of you will know who Lou Teasdale is so if you don't I'll tell you, she is One Direction's hair dresser and I loveeeee the way she dresses! She always looks so pretty!!

I love Lou's outfit here! its so pretty!

I know that this coat is a complete different texture to the one that Lou is wearing but it is a similar style and will look just as nice Topshop £78

I know this top is different again and isn't anything like the one that Lou is wearing really, this is because I really like this top and think that any t-shirt would look good underneath New Look £13

This is the same pair of jeans that I used for my Demo Lovato inspired outfit i really like these jeans! New Look £18

I also think that these vans will go well too or you could wear any colour toms or vans or converse, anything really. Schuh £45

niamh oxox

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