Its all about the faux fur!

This post is also inspired by BLISS magazine but i will be adding some of my own. In BLISS magazine this month there is some different style coats and i will try and do a post about each style. if not i will pick my two favourite. first off faux fur!

BHS £65, I have a coat a lot like this and it is from new look, it isn't available at new look anymore though as i got it last year.

I LOVE love love this coat! it is also from one of my favourite clothing websites too. £55. 

This coat is so pretty and i bet its toasty warm too! the best part is its in the SALE! love a good sale! topshop £30 it was supposed to be £89! i really like the vintage look too!

Im not a fan of an all fur coat to be honest, this is from and is also in the sale! whooh! it is £69 and was supposed to be £99. Although it is a little pricey if you like that style of coat then i reckon it is worth the money.

As i said above I'm not a fan of an all fur coat but i think this coat is beautiful!! it would also go really well with a pair of denim skinny jeans. This is also a little pricey as it is from at £85

i know that there isn't many coats on this post but i couldn't find many. thank you for reading this! oh and hi to the people from Poland, Germany and USA! It means a lot! xoxo

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