BLISS February 2014 - Ariana Grande

I absolutely love Ariana Grande's style! I just think its so cute and girly! In BLISS this month they did a Ariana style fashion page.

This is the inspired outfit that they created!

First off a handbag! I couldn't find the exact hand bag out of the magazine on the H&M website so i found one close to it, as well this is in the sale for just £30 from £50! so thats a bonus!! 
next jewellery! And again i couldn't find the bracelet out of the magazine on the Clair's website but i found this one which is smilar and also cheeper at just £6

A bow from was also on the page. I don't think I would wear a bow with the dress because it might be a little over powering but that is just my opinion. The bow is also a little pricey at £12. I'm sure you could buy a cheeper bow and it be a lot like this one from else where, they are really cute though and i would buy one myself and wear it around a bun ring.

The two most important parts of the outfit now! the dress and shoes!

This dress is the exact dress out of the BLISS magazine and although it says that it is £59 it is now in the sale for just £30, this is from a website called joy. they have some really pretty dresses and tops on their website.

In BLISS there is a pair of white shoes exactly the same as these ones but on the website there is no white so i thought black should work well too, these are of simmi shoes and cost £20

i hope this post is okay, thank you for reading, feedback would be appreciated and also suggestions would be too, thank you xoxo

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