Jonny Maguire

Hi Guys! Another music post today.

Johnny Maguire is 19 he is also from Southampton and has been described by the BBC as contemporary folk with an element of blues and pop! i will definitely looking out for some gigs near me!

You can download his single from  FOR FREE!! go and check it out!!

awrh!! look at that cute little smile!! :3 

If his free single isn't enough here is his youtube channel! JonnyMaguire


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Hey Lovelies! This is another music post! This time its about Shan,  he's 25 and has an EP coming soon, in spring! So keep your eyes pealed for now though here's his YouTube channel ShanMusic

Here is his video!!!! I LOVE IT!!

thankyou, i don't know how many more i will be doing tonight

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Music Post

Hi I'm going to stop saying Hi Guys every time I post 'cause I post more than once a day I feel like I'm repeating myself anyway on with the musiccc. This post is going to be about Ordnance, they are a three piece band from the heart of Sheffield and are set on creating a 'New Culture' of music.

Nathan - 19, look familiar, yup that's Nathan from The Voice UK

then theres Jake and Sam who are both 18, I can't find any pictures of them even on their twitter, but seriously if Nathan looks like THAT imagine what Sam and Jake look like. Also i can't find anything by them on YouTube so I'll leave you with Nathans audition on The Voice.


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Hi again guys, I'm thinking  about changing my blog up abit and posting about fashion and music because I really like both of them. I will probably concentrate more on fashion but throw abit of music in.

let me know what you think?


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Hi guys just a quick post! I'm now up to 50 views, thankyouuuuu. One more thing, I know that my blog isn't about music but i just had to share this with you Taylor Byron is releasing his first song on February 3rd and here id his sneak peak!!


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Well today I haven't had many views :( I know its early days and I need to keep at it, but yesterday I had 152 views where as today Ive had 42 :( I appreciate the views I do, oh and hi to the few from France Turkey and Germany :D <3


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Outfit Of The Day

Hi guys! I thought that I would do an outfit of the day today. i love this outfit and its my favourite outfit to wear, I'm just going to get pictures of my clothes off Polyvore, i don't have much time to do posts today so this might be the only post I'll do.

I'm also going to put how I'm going to have my hair and what make-up I use.

My hair is going to be inspired by Zoe Sugg/Zoella because its so easy to do and i think it looks so pretty.

I use No7 Beautifully Matte foundation because it's a light foundation and it is also matched to you skin, so I won't have a line.

I also use a fairly light bronzer just to give me a little bit of colour.

I use two different mascaras depending on what look I want, I use my Mally mascara if I want people to aware that I am wearing it.
On a weekday for school of if I want a more natural look I use a Barry M mascara.

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Hi guys. We'll it's 11:48 and I'm off school againnnnn  I'm making this post on my phone so I don't know how it's going to turn out. If it's no good and needs editing I'll do that on the laptop when I have time. Anyway I was wondering if you guys could suggest some different blogs to me or YouTube channels. I really like Zoella and that's all I watch and read really. Also if any one knows any fitness or hair blogs/YouTube channels I could follow please either comment on here or comment on Google+ thanks

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sorry about the caps guys but I'm just so excited!!

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Perrie Edwards

I love Perrie Edwards and it isn't just because she is getting married to Zayn. I've loved her since she was on Xfacor! So I thought i may aswell make a post about her and her style of clothes.

I love this jacket soooooo much! i like how it has leather AND spikes! I think it also goes well with the blouse under it.

Wow! Like seriously only Perrie Edwards and Little Mix can make walking out of Heathrow Airport look like their walking down a cat walk!

I love this jumpsuit/dress (I can't really tell) and I think that the super cute belt just finishes the outfit off nicely.

that's all I can post really, I'll have a think about what else I can do


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Lou Teasdale inspired outfit

I don't know if many or most of you will know who Lou Teasdale is so if you don't I'll tell you, she is One Direction's hair dresser and I loveeeee the way she dresses! She always looks so pretty!!

I love Lou's outfit here! its so pretty!

I know that this coat is a complete different texture to the one that Lou is wearing but it is a similar style and will look just as nice Topshop £78

I know this top is different again and isn't anything like the one that Lou is wearing really, this is because I really like this top and think that any t-shirt would look good underneath New Look £13

This is the same pair of jeans that I used for my Demo Lovato inspired outfit i really like these jeans! New Look £18

I also think that these vans will go well too or you could wear any colour toms or vans or converse, anything really. Schuh £45

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Hi guys! Ive updated so much in the last two days! If you guys have any people you want me to do an inspired look by please leave suggestions either people or on my google+ page or anywhere in the find me page, thankyouuuuuuu <3

Zoella inspired look

As most of you know I really love Zoe Sugg/Zoella and the way she dresses so I thought that I would do a Zoella inspired look.

I love this summer look, its so pretty and would look so good on holiday to go for a meal. I know that Zoe on her blog has told you were everything is from but I'm just using the outfit as a guide and making it my own.

I'm sorry that the picture is so hard to see but this blazer is similar to Zoe's, its just not as fitted, New Look £28.

These trousers are also from New Look, I love that pattern and how the bottom of the legs are elasticated. New Look £18

This top would look best without a blazer and i just LOVE the collar on it, I'm really loving New Look today! New Look £13.

Another New Look top, this would look nice under the blazer and with out the blazer, it is also loose fitting like the one Zoe is wearing in the picture at the top. New Look £8

I am also going to be putting two different sandals because I know that I don't really like wearing sandals that are a toe poke. These are very similar to Zoe's sandals. New Look £13

I hope you like this summery look even though summer is agesssss away :(

Thankyou for reading 

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I have added a poll to the side >>>> over there so please could you answer that, thankyouuuu
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heyyy guys, this is the official URL for my page! the link to my blog have also been verified!


I know this is an old picture of Louis Tomilinson but I really really like this t-shirt and I can't find it anywhere! if any of you know where its from pleeeeeeaaaaaase comment below 

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tumblr randoms!!

I'm am currently on Tumblr just flicking through my feed, feel free to follow me (tumblrrrr) my tumblr has nothing to do with my blog nor fashion really, but anyway I seen this picture of Selena Gomez

and wow I really love this top! I know its summery but its so pretty and looks so good with high waisted jeans! I'm not too sure on the colour of the jeans but I think Selena suits that colour. As well the way she's finished the outfit off with a big bag and loop earrings is so pretty!!

This picture of Kourtney Kardashian is also summery but this bag is gorgeous!! Although the colour is different it could work for any season at all! Its huge too which is a big bonus!

Oh my god this dress that Olivia Palermo is wearing is so cute!! I absolutely love this pattern on it. Although I like the style and pattern I don't really like the colour, its a bit dull for me, though Olivia really suits this colour and has brightened it up with some bought nail varnish/polish.

Paris Hilton's legs look great in tights and a short skirt, they make her legs look even longer! the heals make the outfit more dressy and I would wear a cute patterned skirt with tights and flats for a more day time look.

I love Megan Fox's everyday outfit here! She looks so casual yet still a fashion icon! I love how she has a graphic t-shirt under her jacket rather than a plain one, it seems to break up the black.

Well guys, I think I'm going to try and sleep now, thank you for reading!

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Beyonce looked absolutely incredible at the Grammys! Just wow!! I don't really like the mesh (or what ever you call it) that everyone seems to be wearing on the red carpets lately but wow! This dress just looks so elegant and so pretty! 

It also looks so good with her tanned skin tone! This actually makes me so jealous of her natural tan and gorgeous figure! I can't wait to see what she wears next year! 

Thank you and again please follow my page (BabyDoll Fashion) thanks again 

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Hi guys, I haven't really said anything about myself so I guess I really should. I'm 15 and live in Middlesbrough, I enjoy reading and jogging, I'm thinking about doing something on my YouTube channel but I'm not sure yet. I have a google+ page for my blog so if you could go and follow that i would really appreciate it (BabyDoll Fashion) I started off by watching a lot of Zoella's YouTube videos and reading her blog and then I thought why not give it a go so here I am.

we heart it inspiration

Well guys I am so so so sorry I haven't posted anything, I've got a really bad back and I'm not sleeping too good so I thought I mays well use my sleepless nights to post something onto my blog, also I think I'm going to change the design of my blog too.

I have Weheartit and I love looking at all the different outfits there is on there so I'm going to use it as inspiration.

I'm going to do this cute summer look.

I know this skirt is darker than the one in the picture but I just couldn't stop myself! I really love the buttons down the front. USC, £8 instead of £25.

This top will go well with the skirt because the graphics are so high up it can be tucked into the skirt.

These van will look so good with the skirt! They are also in the sale, whooh!  for £30 instead of £60!!

Thankyou for reading

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sorryyyyy :(

I won't be posting this week as I have a French exam on friday and I need to revise xoxo

Demi Lovato inspired outfit

I personally love Demi Lovato and the way she dresses! So that is why I'm doing a Demi Lovato inspired look.

I really like this outfit Demi is wearing because it is so relaxed yet she still looks so good!
I think these black faded super skinny jeans will give it more of a relaxed look. New Look £17.99.

I thought that a blue jumper would be just as nice as the cardigan. USC £26.

Also to save aching feet with heals I have swapped the heals for Converse. £42.

This bag is so cute! Its really big so you could fit all sorts in there! New Look £24.99.

I think the look is cute yet casual, you can also dress it up of dress it down, it would look good to go to the cinema with friends or shopping.

thankyou for reading xoxo

Selena Gomez

I love Selena Gomez! Not only is she naturally pretty she has a really good style!
I love these shorts and top! The shoes go really well and bring colour to her out fit. Also the bright lipstick works well too! 
I love it when she has her hair in a center parten! It frames her face so well! She suits it a lot too. 
This dress really shows off her figure and I think it makes her look really tall. She suits the colour too. 
Although I am not a fan of this dress Selena really suits it and it's also gives her a mature look. 
This dress also gives her a mature look and the smokey eye effect goes really well with the colour. 

Thankyou for reading. It means a lot. Please tell people about my blog. Thanks again xoxo